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The high school cause and effect essay requires the author to analyze a specific situation / event and to prove a causal relationship. You have to understand the situation in detail and provide arguments with the meaningful reflection on the problem. In most cases, you will be required to analyze a specific historical, social or political fact. Make sure that you know what to write: a long or short essay. Details and the subject of discussion can be from three to fifteen pages (in the latter case, you need a detailed study). You need to find out which option suits you: a long essay in which your opinion is expressed, or a small essay whose theme is determined by your teacher. Brief notes during the research will give you the opportunity to choose among several causes and consequences. Do a detailed study to find convincing arguments that support your theory. The thesis statement regularly contains the relationship that you plan to prove in the essay itself. The division of the essay into five sections is an integral part. This division looks like this: introduction, an explanation of the cause, an explanation of the consequences, and conclusions.

You can break up the essay into more paragraphs if necessary. Similarly, you can develop an argument. Do not forget to quote, statistics, dates and other materials obtained during the research to feel free-plagiarism. Place them according to the plan of the essay in order to highlight the causes, consequences and interconnection. First, lay the body of the essay. Explain which aspects you will discuss. Add the thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph. The number of required paragraphs will be determined by the quantity of points of view that you try to prove. In each paragraph, you need to concentrate on a separate point of view. Explain the conditions of the situation in the paragraph, where its causes are described. The task of the above provisions is to familiarize the reader with the situation and the multitasks approaches. You can push the reader to an understanding of the relationship, which will later be discussed in your essay. Decide on the number of paragraphs. Each specific opinion should correspond to one paragraph. Pay attention to specific factors. Distantly explain how certain causes led to specific consequences. Start with a general description, and then go into the details. Illustrate the examples with arguments. It’s time to express your opinion about the cause-effect relationship that you will explain in the next part of the essay. Make sure that every single paragraph is focused on one aspect that you are trying to prove.

Ask someone to read your cause-and-effect essay to make sure the spelling is clear and accurate. If the essay is not convincing enough, add arguments. Carefully check it by reading aloud and writing a few previous notices.

How to write a causal investigation an essay?