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Too much reflection on a topic, whether good or bad, right or wrong, can be dangerous, since things are not exclusively black or white. The world in which we live has countless different shades that make up the beauty of life. That’s why when we talk about using free essays for reference purposes, we must avoid extremes. Stealing someone’s ideas and giving them away for their own is obviously wrong. However, when it comes to writing for another person, the score cannot be so rough. What if the retired professor is bored and wants to help students do their homework as a guest-worker – a person who writes for other people? It’s not plagiarism anymore. The professor gives his consent to share his knowledge and ideas. Plagiarism – is the issuance of someone else’s work for their own or illegal publication of someone else’s work under their own name, the appropriation of authorship. ” All modern means of detecting plagiarism are limited in finding examples in this broad context. Despite the variety of methods used, all devices for detecting plagiarism are simply checked for a line with identical excerpts in their databases. For example, Turnitin, which is used in most educational institutions, has its own extensive database, with 12+ billion pages of digital content. However, custom essays that are written from scratch specifically for you cannot be displayed in these databases. This means that technically, modern plagiarism devices cannot detect cases of plagiarism in user essays. From a certain ethical point of view, the use of customized scientific materials is not stealing. There is a most famous example “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper Lee (original writer: Truman Capote). The legend tells that both are co-authors of the novel, although authorship is attributed only to Lee. Despite the fact that recently a computerized text analysis showed that the novel was written only by Lee, the debate is still going on. Custom essays are a more effective alternative to avoid unreliable lecture notes and work through literature that is no longer relevant. Neither plagiarism, nor copyright infringement is involved in the use of essays with the help of original writers in these areas. However, you should follow the basic principles of fair use to avoid any possible problems with your school.

Essays and plagiarisms: the policy of the conscientious use of user essays.